Sunday, June 12, 2016

Printables for Bath and Body Creators

Y'all, I've been creating again! This time, it's a little different, though. I actually created something for my fellow soap makers, body scrub mixers, and bath bomb packers!! Anyone who creates bath and body products from raw materials can benefit from these organizational tools I created!

Printables for Bath and Body Creators
I have created several kits for you, as well as put all those kits into one bundle, and added a few fun extras! :)  These are all listed in my Etsy shop and available NOW!

Sweet Olivia Ideas and Inspiration Worksheet Kit

Purchase these beautiful worksheets to contain all your ideas and creative musings! This download contains two worksheets, one is more linear, while one is more of a mind-mapping tool. Use both or whichever you prefer!
This is a great resource to brainstorm scents, design ideas, new products to try, or list new ingredients to research.

Digital Downloads in this Kit:
-Ideas & Inspiration Title Page
-Ideas & Inspiration Linear Worksheet with Title
-Ideas & Inspiration Linear Worksheet without Title-Ideas & Inspiration Mind-Mapping Worksheet 

Sweet Olivia Project Notes Worksheet Kit
When you are making a bath and body product, it is often helpful to take notes and record the recipe in the same place. This is your answer!

Digital Downloads in this Kit:
-Project Notes Title Page
-Project Notes Worksheet

Project Notes Worksheet includes sections for: Company Name, Project Name, Batch Number, Project Plan, Recipe and Calculations, Process Notes, and Final Notes. You can even attach a photo of the finished product!

Sweet Olivia Batch Log Worksheet Kit
Now, you can keep all your product batch information in one place! I am a creator myself, so I know exactly what information you need to keep your recipes and batching information organized! 

If there is ever a recall on a raw material, you will quickly be able to see if the lot numbers you used are affected! This will bring peace of mind to yourself and your customers.

Digital Downloads in this Kit:-Batch Log Title Page-Batch Log Worksheet with Title-Batch Log Worksheet without Title

Batch Log Worksheet includes sections for: Company Name, Date, Product Name, Batch Number, Ingredients Used, Lot Numbers from Raw Materials, Expiration Date Information.

Do all of these sound helpful? You're in luck!! Purchase the Bath and Body Binder Kit to get all three kits above, plus a few fun extras!! You'll even get a set of instructions to help you set up your binder and worksheets.

Sweet Olivia Bath and Body Binder Kit
Digital Downloads in this Kit:-"Bath & Body Binder" Cover Page-Instructions on using each worksheet and how to build your binder-Ideas & Inspiration Title Page-Ideas & Inspiration Linear Worksheet-Ideas & Inspiration Mind-Mapping Worksheet-Project Notes Title Page-Project Notes Worksheet-Batch Log Title Page-Batch Log Worksheet with Title-Batch Log Worksheet without Title-MSDS Title Page
With these worksheets, you can log your batch, lot, and expiration information; Keep track of your product ideas for the future; Take recipe and batch notes, and store all your MSDS information in one place!

You can also get your binder cover personalized!! See the listing for all the information!

You can visit my Etsy Shop and view all listings by clicking here!

I really hope these printables help keep your business organized!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Soaps Available!

What is in Handmade Soap?

Well, the short answer is…whatever the Soapmaker wants there to be! Handmade soap can include oils, butters, milk, clays, and even beer! Each additives provides a different quality to the soap. In short, soap is a chemical reaction between Sodium Hydroxide (lye) and fatty acids. This process is called saponification. And, because I’m a nerd, it looks like this:

While I do love science, I also like to embrace my creative side. Making handmade soap is an awesome mix of both science nerd and creative artist. In addition to formula creation, the color and design of the soap is 100% up to the soap maker! So fun!

Here’s what’s in the latest Sweet Olivia soap!

Rice Bran Oil: Skin conditioning, good for dry or mature skin

Coconut Oil: Contributes to bar hardness and increases the soap’s cleansing properties

Palm Oil: Contributes to bar hardness

Mango Butter: Provides conditioning to the skin, makes a creamy lather

Cocoa Butter: A good skin moisturizer, contributes to bar hardness

Castor Oil: Makes lots of creamy lather

Fragrance Oil: All fragrance oils used are skin safe and smell great!

Colorant: Mica is mined from the earth and coated in FDandC colorants. Micas are used to color almost every cosmetic and makeup item available!

These soaps are available for purchase in the online shop!

Watermelon Glycerin Soap

Popsicle Glycerin Soap

Spiced Mahogany Handmade Soap

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Scented Glycerin Soap

Pink Butterfly Handmade Soap

Sweet and Tart Handmade Soap

Turquoise Waters Handmade Soap

Friday, March 11, 2016

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for the Skin

Sometimes, a favorite product is discovered by accident. In 2014, my family moved from North Carolina to the Atlanta, GA area. The oils I used in my body scrubs were pretty popular oils, so I didn't think any of them would be hard to find in our new location. Well, under a deadline, I went in search of my (then) favorite oil. I could not find it locally! Panicked, I started researching. What oil was similar, but that I could find locally?

Grapeseed Oil has wonderful skin-loving properties!

Enter, Grapeseed Oil! By accident, I discovered the properties of Grapeseed Oil are even better than what I originally used. It is full of skin-loving ingredients that provide omega fatty acids and vitamin E to the skin. Grapeseed Oil is know to be anti-inflammatory, help retain moisture while not clogging pores, and absorbs really well into the skin.

For all these reasons, I now include Grapeseed Oil in all my sugar body scrubs, as well as my lip scrubs. 

Sweet Olivia Handmade Bath and Body Sugar Scrubs Varieties:

Sweet Olivia Handmade Bath and Body Lip Scrub Varieties:

Also Available:

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sweet Olivia @ The Chic Occasions Queen for A Day Bridal Show (Atlanta, GA)

I recently had the chance to showcase Sweet Olivia products at The Chic Occasions Queen for A Day Bridal show at the GORGEOUS Georgia Freight Depot.

Chic Occasions Queen for a Day Bridal Show at the GA Freight Depot

This venue is awesome! The GA Freight Depot was built in 1869 as an actual train depot. It has since been remodeled to provide event space for parties up to 1300 guests!

The bridal show was packed with vendors from photographers to mini donut makers (secretly glad I wasn't next to this table LOL I would have gained 10 pounds!). I love walking around and getting to know the other vendors in the Atlanta area.

Sweet Olivia Handmade Bath and Body Vendor Table

Of course, I set up a table, too! My goal of this event was to show Sweet Olivia's range of products, as well as ideas for custom label designs! I showcased my flagship product, the hand and body scrubs, and also my lip scrubs and lip balms.

I also signed the brides up for my new Sweet Olivia Bridal email newsletter. I used this newsletter to give away some free product! If you're a bride or know someone that is getting married soon, sign up to see what options Sweet Olivia can provide for your bridal shower and wedding.

Thanks to Nicole and her team at Chic Occasions for putting on such a great event!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Your Winter Skin Problems Solved!

From head to toe, skin problems multiply in the cold, dry air of winter. These problems can be annoying in the best case, but downright embarrassing at their worst! The good news is, there is usually an easy solution!

Itchy scalp: When the scalp is already dry from winter air, using harsh shampoos too often might be making the problem worse. Try switching to a more nourishing shampoo (or one specifically for itchy scalp) for the winter. Also, try cutting back on how often you wash your hair. Allow the natural oils produced on your scalp to stay a bit longer and do their job of nourishing your scalp and hair. Until a couple years ago, I was an every day hair washer myself. I cut back to every other day, then every third day. Presently, I wash my hair three times/week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Every other day, I wet my hair in the shower and use a thick conditioner. 

Another good option is doing weekly oil scalp treatments. Coat your hair with coconut oil, massaging it into the scalp. Put on a shower cap, cover your pillow with a towel, and go to sleep! In the morning, wash out the oil, condition, and style as usual!

Red, Raw Nose: Each time the weather changes, I get a head cold! It's so annoying!! It starts as sinus congestion, then progresses until my nose is running like a faucet! The irritation of blowing my nose so often leads to red, raw skin around my nose. Not a good look! At night, slather your nose and any other irritated skin with an extra thick medicated ointment like Aquaphor or Vaseline. The key ingredient you're looking for is petrolatum. Petrolatum is a thick lubricant that helps seal in moisture and heal irritated skin. Sleep with this on your irritated skin and you will see results by morning! Continue sleeping with the product on until your problem disappears!

Chaffed legs: For those that actually shave their legs during the winter (Yay, pants season! LOL), shaving while having dry skin leads to tiny micro cuts that can irritate the skin of the legs. Your legs can become itchy and flaky. To fix this problem, make sure you exfoliate your legs before shaving. Use a body scrub like Sweet Olivia Hand and Body Scrub. Scrub it on your legs before shaving, rinse quickly to remove the exfoliant (salt or sugar) and proceed with shaving. You won't even need shaving cream! Once out of the shower, make sure to moisturize with a body cream. You may need to switch to a thicker cream for winter verses what you use in the summer!

Chapped Lips: Licking your lips while the cold wind is blowing is bound to create a chapped lips problem! Treat this problem just like the red, raw nose issue I mentioned above. At night, slather your lips with a thick emollient. During the day, use a lip balm with wholesome products like Sweet Olivia Lip Balm. My lip balm is made with coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize and nourish, along with beeswax to seal in moisture. 

Hopefully these suggestions will work for you! Do you have any other issues with winter skin? Let me know in the comments and I'll give you some suggestions to try!

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**I am not a professional or a doctor. These are tried and true remedies for me and my family. If you have persistent problems, or if your problems seem to get worse, you should consult your doctor. As always, if any product causes any other issues, discontinue use immediately.)