Thursday, January 14, 2016

Your Winter Skin Problems Solved!

From head to toe, skin problems multiply in the cold, dry air of winter. These problems can be annoying in the best case, but downright embarrassing at their worst! The good news is, there is usually an easy solution!

Itchy scalp: When the scalp is already dry from winter air, using harsh shampoos too often might be making the problem worse. Try switching to a more nourishing shampoo (or one specifically for itchy scalp) for the winter. Also, try cutting back on how often you wash your hair. Allow the natural oils produced on your scalp to stay a bit longer and do their job of nourishing your scalp and hair. Until a couple years ago, I was an every day hair washer myself. I cut back to every other day, then every third day. Presently, I wash my hair three times/week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Every other day, I wet my hair in the shower and use a thick conditioner. 

Another good option is doing weekly oil scalp treatments. Coat your hair with coconut oil, massaging it into the scalp. Put on a shower cap, cover your pillow with a towel, and go to sleep! In the morning, wash out the oil, condition, and style as usual!

Red, Raw Nose: Each time the weather changes, I get a head cold! It's so annoying!! It starts as sinus congestion, then progresses until my nose is running like a faucet! The irritation of blowing my nose so often leads to red, raw skin around my nose. Not a good look! At night, slather your nose and any other irritated skin with an extra thick medicated ointment like Aquaphor or Vaseline. The key ingredient you're looking for is petrolatum. Petrolatum is a thick lubricant that helps seal in moisture and heal irritated skin. Sleep with this on your irritated skin and you will see results by morning! Continue sleeping with the product on until your problem disappears!

Chaffed legs: For those that actually shave their legs during the winter (Yay, pants season! LOL), shaving while having dry skin leads to tiny micro cuts that can irritate the skin of the legs. Your legs can become itchy and flaky. To fix this problem, make sure you exfoliate your legs before shaving. Use a body scrub like Sweet Olivia Hand and Body Scrub. Scrub it on your legs before shaving, rinse quickly to remove the exfoliant (salt or sugar) and proceed with shaving. You won't even need shaving cream! Once out of the shower, make sure to moisturize with a body cream. You may need to switch to a thicker cream for winter verses what you use in the summer!

Chapped Lips: Licking your lips while the cold wind is blowing is bound to create a chapped lips problem! Treat this problem just like the red, raw nose issue I mentioned above. At night, slather your lips with a thick emollient. During the day, use a lip balm with wholesome products like Sweet Olivia Lip Balm. My lip balm is made with coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize and nourish, along with beeswax to seal in moisture. 

Hopefully these suggestions will work for you! Do you have any other issues with winter skin? Let me know in the comments and I'll give you some suggestions to try!

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**I am not a professional or a doctor. These are tried and true remedies for me and my family. If you have persistent problems, or if your problems seem to get worse, you should consult your doctor. As always, if any product causes any other issues, discontinue use immediately.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Gift Baskets and Shipping Info!

This year, I am offering several choices for Christmas gift baskets! 

First, for the person who loves it all, the Deluxe Gift Basket includes both holiday limited edition body scrub scents (Candy Cane Crush and Salted Caramel), a Strawberry Lip Scrub, and Strawberry Lip Balm. It comes nicely wrapped in a festive holiday package!

Want just a pair of the two limited edition holiday body scrub scents? Get Candy Cane Crush and Salted Caramel wrapped in a cute package together in the Large Gift Basket!

If you need something a bit smaller, the Small Gift Basket may be for you. This is perfect for teacher gifts or Secret Santa gifts! This basket still comes beautifully packaged, but offers one of the two limited edition holiday body scrub scents: Candy Cane Crush OR Salted Caramel.

Need a great stocking stuffer?! Get The Lips Set: Strawberry Lip Scrub and Strawberry Lip Balm!

If you don't need gift packaging, visit my Etsy shop for individual products! I still have several scents in stock for Christmas! The final day to order to receive your items by Christmas is Monday, December 14th, 2015. Items ordered this day or before will be shipped out in time to give as a gorgeous Christmas gift!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Sweet Life: Our Holiday Traditions

I have always said Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. As much as I love the season of love, the Christmas holidays are a very close second! I love our family traditions so much! I look forward to them each and every year. I also look forward to creating many many more traditions and memories in the years to come. I hope you enjoy this special edition of The Sweet Life!

Growing up, we always put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving! Over the years, I've had to modify this tradition, but we usually get our tree up over the Thanksgiving weekend. The kids enjoy a photo shoot in front of the tree and we always plan on a trip to see Santa!

We always take a drive to look at Christmas lights during the holiday season. Since moving to Georgia, we also enjoy Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Over Georgia and strolling along on Marietta Square. This year, I'm looking forward to ice skating and the new festivities on Marietta Square!

Every year, the kids and I take an entire day to bake yummy treats and build a gingerbread house!! This day is usually capped off with a Christmas movie and hot chocolate. We leave some of the treats out for Santa, along with a letter to him!

I have already started planning our Christmas festivities for this year. I am most looking forward to our baking day!! Although it may make a mess, we are also making memories!

Merry Christmas from Sweet Olivia. Look right here on the blog later this week for our Christmas gift baskets! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I need your input!

Hi, friends! It is time to start thinking about gift giving for the holidays, whether we like it or not! LOL With that said, I need your help!

Sweet Olivia Holiday Gift Baskets from 2014!
What types of gifts are you looking to give this year?
Would you rather see soaps? Body scrubs? Bath bombs?
Who is on your list to stop for?
How much do you budget for teacher gifts?

Your feedback will help me decide what gift baskets to offer this year. I want to serve you in the best way possible, and for that to happen, I need your input.

(I will offer some great incentives when you buy multiple gifts from me!)

Sweet Olivia Holiday Gift Baskets from 2014!
So, comment on this post with the answer to those questions above!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Customized Lip Balm for Your Brand!

When I started Sweet Olivia, I dreamed of a day where I would create beautiful, custom products for weddings and parties. And let me tell you, every time I create something new, I get excited all over again!!! A while back, I met Ashley Miller, owner of a local event company and co-founder of Wedding Creative Sessions. Wedding Creative Sessions is a workshop for wedding professionals looking to grow their business and refine their skills. When speaking with Ashley, I grew more and more excited about the session she was planning for the fall! (Seriously, she has some good things lined up for this event!!) 

So, where does Sweet Olivia fit in? I am providing body scrub samples and custom lip balms for each Wedding Creative Sessions attendee! And look how cute these labels turned out!

This is just a sneak peek, but I cannot wait to make these lip balms and share the finished product with you!

If you are interested in custom lip balms with your company or event logo, fill out this interest form to get more information. If you are ready to purchase, you may do so HERE! (Please include an email address with your order so we can get the details set for your custom order!)

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